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by Mexico Vacation on Feb 4th, 2010

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Couple of years ago Alpine resorts endured really bad winter: there was no snow even on New Year’s Day! Guides had to organize walks by green Alpine lawns as tourists came in large numbers. But it does not mean that each winter in Europe is like that!

Usually, snow season begins in the middle of December and comes to an end approximately in the middle of April. But last year resorts opened in the middle of November, and it was possible to go skiing till May, there was much snow.

This year everything is all right with snow too. Many resorts opened a week and even two weeks before usual time. So do not be afraid, winter will not be snowless in mountains!

Thanks to heavy snows, from the beginning of November some slopes at a “Tine”, popular French resort, work including free slopes for beginners and a snow park.
Usually the snowiest time in mountains is from February till the beginning of March. But during this time tours are more expensive.

Of course, you think, that such vacations are awfully expensive. Stereotypic pictures of parties with expensive champagne and fireworks, boutiques and “Bentley” in stories on TV and at the pictures in glossies sow a lack of self-confidence. Simple downhill skier thinks that this is not for him.

Actually, Alps do not consist of glamour and bombast only. It is possible to find very inexpensive tours of 500 – 600 euros per head.

What can one do for saving money? Do not choose hyped up resorts. Near fashionable Swiss Verbier there are such places as Nendaz and Veysonnaz. Accommodation there costs much cheaper, and will use the same slopes.

There are 56 winter resorts in Switzerland, they are very different: prestigious and expensive – Saint-Moritz, Zermatt, Gstaad, more democratic – Arosa, Pontresina, Leukerbad…

Stay in apartments, not in a hotel. We mean different cottages: detached houses, duplexes and multistoried apartment-hotels. You will have a kitchen in apartments. And you can economize on food: buy products in a supermarket, instead of going to restaurant every day.

Look for special offers. We tell you not only about tours, which will be lost if not purchased urgently, but also about abatements, which resorts and hotels make. Don’t be lazy, surf tourist sites. You can find discounts for accommodation at hotels (for example, for children or all family), for ski-pass or lessons in ski school.

Most expensive rest in mountains will be during New Year’s vacation and in the second half of February. The best time for travellers, who frugal of their money, is the second half of January. So, as you can see, even middle class can spend their vacations in Alps without becoming a bankrupt.

Today real life is showing us how to get frugal. But this does not mean that we need to get worse stuff. And last minute vacation deals is one of the examples. Using the last minute vacation deals you can get really great traveling experience for a much lower price.

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