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British Virgin Island

If you cannot live without having to travel on regular basis, your next stop should be the British Virgin Islands. This place is sure to leave you amazed, as this is where you can see some of the most astounding attractions and natural beauty. You must have seen many places with tranquil environment and outstanding natural beauty, but the British Virgin Islands will give you something extra that will remain in your memory forever.

However, if you are planning your visit to the British Virgin Islands, you should first learn about few important things to have a fulfilling travel experience.

One of the most important things to know about this place is the right season to travel. The average temperature in winter is around 25 C; winter season starts from December and continues until March. The good thing is that the temperature in the British Virgin Islands usually hovers around 28C in summer (summer in this part of the world starts from June and goes to August).

You can also expect gentle winds during the winter. Another great thing is that the rain usually stays close to 50 inches during the whole year; however, you should expect some brief showers from July till November. Due to this type of mild weather, the British Virgin Islands is considered to be a good place to visit all through the year. Still, if you are interested in visiting this part of the world, it is a good idea to plan your visit from December 15 to April 15. This is a good time to visit here because of fewer cruise ships and lower hotel prices.

Now, when you already know when to come to these Islands, you have to spend some time learning about the places where the fun never ends. Though it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that all the places are great to visit in this country, but you should never miss a chance to visit few specific places.

Tortola, for instance, is one such place that you should visit during your trip to this country. Mountain villas available in this area are simply amazing. You can also find a variety of birds in Tortola. Moreover, there are many small and big shops offering some of the most amazing antiques to take home with you.

It is also crucial to mention that if you are in Tortola, you should make sure you visit Cane Garden Bay Area. This is where you will find yourself surrounded with steep green hills. You can also find some picturesque bays in South of Cane Garden Bay. There are many other nice places to visit in Tortola, but don’t limit yourself to Tortola because you have to pay a visit to areas like Jost Van Dyke, Copper Mine National Park, and Anegada.

Now you know enough about the British Virgin Islands and you are ready to be a part of the “party”. So, pack all your stuff and get ready to enjoy a serene and tranquil life in the British Virgin Islands. See you there!

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