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by Mexico Vacation on Feb 4th, 2010

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Maldives consist of 1196 islands, and here everyone can feel like Robinson Crusoe, because only slightly more than two hundred of them are inhabited.

Maldives are considered to be one of the safest and quietest places on the earth: never in the history of this archipelago has an act of terrorism been committed there. The ocean, clouds, coconut tree groves, fanciful windings of coast… Those exotic amenities are all well and good, and you can admire them infinitely, making cruise between islands or soaring along the shoreline by a hang-glider.

It is possible to see everything at a depth of 60 metres in transparent and warm water of the Indian Ocean! Island Paradise has a special popularity. There is “merry-go-round” near it. This is two oceanic currents, which form a whirlpool, meeting in this place, but this eddying does not pull diver into the depths, but quite the contrary, pushes it upward.

If you prefer fishing, you can rent a boat at every hotel, and venturesome local fishermen will go with you to catch fish-sail and blue whiting.

This resort is also a paradise for vegetarians. Maldivian rice with vegetables is something to write home about. You’ll lick your fingers! It is really yummy! There are a lot of fruits in menu. They use fruits as garnish: it is marinated in a special way. An integral part of Maldivian cuisine is oceanic cookery. The best way to feel its taste is to catch something and give your catch to the cook’s hands.

3 places in Maldives which should be visited by you:

The Singapore fair in Male
It abounds in handicrafts. There are a lot of exotic fruits here. Every fruit is fresh and palatable, because it is grown up without chemicals.

Mosque of the Great Friday
The greatest mosque in Maldives, it contains 5 thousand people, amazes by grandiosity and finesse of external and internal decoration.

Laviany atoll
It is the best place for diving. Here you will see the most beautiful corals among which bright tropical fishes swim.

“Tourism is our all” became a catchword of local government. President of Maldivian Republic seriously strap to tourism development work in the country. He thinks that there should be more middling tourists in Maldives. He plans to build many three-stars hotels. In 1980, there was a real boom of inexpensive hotels in Maldives, but they were quickly supplanted by five-star hotels. Service in them is of the first rate, of course, but prices are prohibitive. Now the government is looking for private investors to build such hotels, and also to improve infrastructure of public transit system. Struggle for ecology becomes one more aim. Local hotels, which will work on solar and wind energy, are in plans. At last, it will be forbidden to catch sharks in coastal waters of Maldives.

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