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by Mexico Vacation on Feb 3rd, 2010

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Recent economic revival of Macao has resulted in building more than on some smart hotels and a casino and cities, it is even more often considered as expensive place where the budget of travelers cannot find cheap hotel taking into account their budget…
Reality, however, is rather various, and though it, as a rule, is fair to tell that the industry of Macao tourism directed on heels and a casino crowd and a city can brag the worthy choice of cheap hotels which are better, than you can find and in other big cities on all region on this money.
In this article we will acquaint you with the best Macao’s cheap hotels:
• Hotel TO WAH
Taking the big place on nostalgic Rua Da Felicidade, only several minutes of walking from such sights as the Senate Area, the church of St. Avgustina and other historical places look inbreed between worthy cheap hotel and updating of the guest house and though it is known, are mainly focused placing of tourists, it offers some very good numbers which even are better, than that you can receive in the cheapest hotels of Macao.
Recently restored TO WAH on 28 numbers are in good enough condition, and brag the majority of conveniences, you expected to find in hotel of such level (or even better), including the conditioner, the bathroom and loves…
That is even more important, the hotel To WAH has the friendly personnel which makes you feel, and we try to help with what we can… It is no wonder that it became one of the most popular cheap hotels of Macao.
• East Asia Hotel
There are two main pluses of staying in East Asia hotels, firstly, is its fine arrangement on a silent small street in city centre, in several minutes of walking from many sights of Macao and objects of a cultural heritage, and secondly, is its extremely reasonable rates which have made it one of the most popular cheap hotels among Macao.
In general if you plan to spend a lot of time outside the hotel, and your expectations are not above your budget than to remain on it Macao cheap hotel is, certainly, one of your best variants.
• Hotel San Va
This almost historical placing can offer much in respect of character and charisma, but it is not enough from the point of view of comfort and conveniences…
It is strategically located in the bottom part of historical Rua Da Felicidade, only a plait from many historical sights of Macao and night clubs, these are hundred years of property of existing Guesthouse Macao where the guest house has good atmosphere (and concerning low rates), therefore you can want to consider it eventually.
• Ole London Hotel
Standing on the top end in a range of inexpensive hotels, its properties, probably recently are repaired, it is the most popular among cheap hotels of Macao, and though it can be a little expensive for tourists, it makes very good choice for budgetary adjusted tourists who are in search of worthy placing in the fair price (especially if you are going to spend more time for city studying then stuck out in hotel…).
Located around old Porto internal affairs, all is in several minutes of walking from historical sights of a city, restaurants and shops, and it is not far from hotel Lisboa and the belt casino.

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