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by Mexico Vacation on May 8th, 2010

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Guadalajara Beaches

Guadalajara is a city and the municipality seat of the Jalisco State of Mexico. The total population of the city amounts to 1579174. It is basically an industrial city with the information technology industry in the lead. There is a lot of history hidden in the streets of Guadalajara and even more tourist attractions. When people think of vacationing in any city of Mexico the first though that crosses their minds is the beaches. Located along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, there are many magnificent beaches that visitors and locals can visit.

Even though Guadalajara doesn’t hold any beaches itself, the Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta are 4-5 hours away and tourists of Guadalajara visit them. So, along with enjoying a variety of activities in Guadalajara, you can drive for few hours to visit some of the most astounding beaches of Mexico. Some of the very best are mentioned here for your understanding.

Playa Oltas Atlas
Playa Oltas Atlas means the high wave beach and it was one of the first major beaches to accommodate the attractions and features for tourists. There are a lot of activities offered by this beach such as the divers point located at one side where professional divers are seen showing their skills with expert diving.

Some part of the beach has high waves giving people the opportunity to enjoy with water sports such as surfing and boogie boarding. A lot of vendors can be seen along the beach selling ice creams and other items. The eatery around this are is exquisite with both native and exotic food available at reasonable prices. People traveling to Guadalajara must visit this beach once to enjoy the activities around here.

Mismaloya Beach
Puerto Vallarta is also a few hours away from Guadalajara and with a tourist bus it takes around four hours to get here. Mismaloya is a small and secluded sandy beach in the south located along the highway 200. In the background of the beach is a river dividing the beach into equal halves and a lush green jungle with a variety of exotic wildlife such as jaguars and armadillos.

The beach is a good place for water sports such as snorkeling but the best part about the beach is the low tides which are ideal for swimming. The beach provides a perfect combination of all the features needed for an ideal family beach. People enjoy the fine dining, tropical jungles, soothing waters and mountain sceneries.

Destiladeras- Punta de Mita
This is a white sandy beach and is crowded on the weekends with both tourists and locals. The palapa style restaurants with fresh seafood and the large rocks that are used as picnic tables catch the attention of more and more people. The beach attracts surfers with the two-five foot swells. Tourists can enjoy the peace and privacy during the week, and on the weekend, they can experience the enthusiasm and the zeal of the locals having fun on the crowded beach.

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