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by Mexico Vacation on Jan 8th, 2011

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las cabos Grocery Shopping

Shopping for food in Los Cabos is not the same as in other towns in Mexico. This is because of the magnificent resorts and restaurants available. Nevertheless, there are tiny markets called bodegas where you have access to fresh sea and farm products. However, in whichever way, grocery shopping in Los Cabos is a thing of fun and adventure.

As a traveler, it is good to realize that Los Cabos as a name refers to two towns, namely San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is rich in marine life and it is very difficult to find any food on sale here on the streets, but it is available at Walmart and at Centro Comercial Californiano.

At San Jose, which is further down the road, you can get Mexican food. There is an excellent bakery making fresh tortillas and fresh fish and meat is also available. Everything is displayed for your eyes to feed on while at the same time maintaining hygiene.

If you fancy a traditional market, you are advised to visit Mercado Publico where you will find every type of food being sold, which range from fresh farm vegetables to fish at pocked friendly prices.

Some local foods are very good, such as canned chilies and red sauce, but there are certain foods that are sold as local, although they have only been repackaged. A case in point is Frosted Flakes, which go by the name Zucaritas here. Everything here is paid in local currency, so if you do not want the hassle of being told that there is no change for your dollars, pay the local way.

Along the highway to Los Cabos, as you enjoy your ride, you are treated to stands showcasing fruit and vegetables. You can taste before buying and you will go home a happy traveler. They sell watermelons which are locally grown, tangerines and a great assortment of other fruits. If you are staying the night and the following day happens to be a Saturday, you can go to the organic market in San Jose and get your fresh food there. The prices are fair in this part of Los Cabos.

If you are interested in buying fresh beef, then the right place to go will be Costco. For your adventure, at the rear of the Mercado Municipal in San Jose’s old central market, you will not fail to find a particular butcher who sells Sonoran beef. For your thirst, non-refrigerated milk is on sale in any of the shops that you come across. If you are interested in buying eggs with bright yokes, they are sold either singly or packed in cartons.

Whenever you see a signpost stating Pescederia, that is where you find fish, for the sign simply means fish market. There are numerous markets in San Jose specializing in this trade. Alternatively, you can go straight to the wharf and get the fish straight from the fishermen.

If you are interested in buying bread and fresh cakes then worry not, for there is a bakery around every corner you turn into. Just look out for the sign Panadera. It is highly recommended though that you visit San Jose’s Mega Market for customer baked orders at reasonable prices.

For bulk buying, try a warehouse known as Prosan in Cabo San Lucas. It is here that the restaurants get their supplies. Though it might prove difficult to locate, the fun of it is either finding it or not. After driving and making your purchases, settle down for a sumptuous eating experience at any of the beautiful sites.

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