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by Mexico Vacation on Jan 9th, 2011

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los cabos nature tour

A Mexico vacation is the ultimate lifetime experience to be remembered and cherished. When planning a visit, you should incorporate Los Cabos nature and eco tours.

On the nature side of things, for instance, there is a tour called The Then and Now, which takes you through an ancient village. The tour guide will explain how natural resources are important to the surroundings and culture on the Baja Peninsula. Going for walks and enjoying the sightseeing will be a fulfilling process. A key stop is at Wirikuta, which is a cactus garden which gleans inspiration from a culture known as Huichol.

An eco adventure is also a spectacular experience not to be missed. The activities you may want to try out include ATV beach and desert tours, horseback riding along the Pacific Beach, horseback riding at sunset, traveling on trails in the desert, viewing the beautiful Pacific beaches and taking in the sights of cliffs alongside the ocean.

The Carisuva Ranch is a wonder to behold as well. Here you will see as many as 43 horses, a fresh water well and many animals on the farm, including cows, goats, donkeys, chickens and more. You can also view a traditionally built desert hut.

The tranquil beaches, beautiful breezes, palm trees and soothing ocean waves provide an ambiance you will be thankful you are able to soak up. The tropical environment is one that will relax you and melt away the stresses and worries of life – and the sights will stay with you for a lifetime. Even those who are not able to take the trip with you will be entranced by the pictures you bring back home with you.

Los Cabos is a great place to take a ride on a variety of all terrain vehicles like dune buggies, Tomcars like those in the military, a customized Jeep, or a standard ATV. It is an amazing thrill to take in all of the many sights and unique wonders that are along the Baja Peninsula in one of these vehicles.

In the winter months, it is possible to observe whales as they migrate. This is one of the activities that the area of Los Cabos is world famous for. Few, if any, other places in the world provide the ability to see firsthand the mother whales and their calves surfacing on the water in such abundant numbers as you can in this area of Mexico.

These are just a few examples of the multitude of exciting and memorable activities to be found on your trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Whether you’re visiting Los Cabos for a honeymoon adventure or a family vacation, you will find a full experience. No matter what age or walk of life, everyone in your family and group of friends will find the entertainment they seek.

One trip to Los Cabos may not be enough, in which case it is recommended to schedule a return to this destination of endless amazement. All you need for an enthralling visit awaits you – awesome hotel and resort accommodation, shopping, unique restaurants, night life and the region’s specialty – Los Cabos eco and nature tours.

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