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by Mexico Vacation on Jan 8th, 2011

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whale watching

Los Cabos Whale Watching
is one of the most wondrous sights to see in the area, while on a Mexican vacation. In fact, it is arguably worth scheduling your trip around this event, if you have a love for animals as many individuals do.

To that end, when planning to see whales in Los Cabos, the ideal time to visit is from January through March. It is at this time of the year that the animals are most visible and it is easy to catch a glimpse of their off shore spouting. The most common place to spot them is in the lagoons which are roughly halfway down the peninsula of Baja.

One of the most awe-inspiring sights to see is the process of breaching, which is when the whales leap from the water almost completely above the surface. They then make a huge splash as they return below the surface. The grey whales also perform a process known as spy hopping, which is where they push themselves above the water to look and see what is nearby. Observing this is quite a thrill. You can also make an educated guess where they will reappear if you pay close attention to the direction they are heading, as they stay underwater for a few minutes before resurfacing.

To maximize the sightings, you may want to schedule a tour with a guide so that you can make the most of this amazing once in a lifetime experience. The Sea of Cortez is a primary location for the migration of whales. The animals travel there to give birth to their young, starting in the fall and proceeding through the winter months. This is why January through February sees such a significant showing of this spectacular event in the Los Cabos area.

Magdalena Bay is the most ideal place to see the female grey whales and their calves. There are many tours available for whale watching there. The tours can actually last anywhere from one day up to a week, with hotel and meals provided by the company organizing the tours. Seeing the baby whale calves along with their mother whales is a phenomenal adventure full of awe and wonder.

Although there are a great many other activities to do while on vacation in Los Cabos, whale watching is one adventure not to be missed. Whale migration has been taking place throughout the history of this region and it is a memorable experience to become a part of the ancient tradition.

Additionally, the Baja Peninsula is also the home of gorgeous beaches for swimming and water sports, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. Be sure to check the particular area to see what is permitted in each location, as some spots where whale watching takes place do not allow fishing or boats in the area.

Gather your family together and plan an entire getaway vacation to Los Cabos that will be entirely unforgettable, including luxurious accommodation, unique restaurants and shopping and whale watching to make the whole extravaganza complete.

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