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by Mexico Vacation on May 17th, 2011

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Cabo San Lucas – Playground of the Rich and Famous

Cabo San Lucas is a port city in the Baja state of Mexico, whose history started from the discovery of the island by a navigator, Francisco de Ulloa, in 1537. Initially it was an undeveloped town with a lack of water supply to the port but, after the construction of a fort by King Philip II and World War II, San Lucas became widely known as the playground of the Spanish rich and famous.

Cabo San Lucas has become famous as a leading destination for those who want to enjoy the sparkling sun, stunning scenery, gorgeous water and the yummy foods of Mexico. Lying in the sun and swimming in the dazzling blue waters of the sea of Cortez are the sports of every rich and famous person who visits the city. In recent years, San Lucas has become the most visited place in Mexico for tourists and families to relax during their holidays.

Cabo San Lucas is always alive in the sense that something or other is always happening in the city, such as festivals and events, which continue throughout the year. The most important festival is the fishing tournament, which takes place from November to January every year. Then there are other festivals which highlight the specialty of the city.

Exclusive hotels, providing luxury lodging and spirited parties, attract rich and famous people from all over the world to experience the true joy of the heritage of Mexico. The extravagant hotels and resorts built on the seaside and close to the coast of San Lucas provide first class accommodation to every tourist who plans to make a trip to this city port. The beautiful scenery viewable from every hotel and restaurant makes the trip a memorable one for every holidaymaker.

The vast selection of nightclubs and cafes, together with the wonderful weather, makes the nights in the city magical and give life to the whole port. The wine allows the rich and famous people to enjoy every moment on the island as the best moments of their lives. Sipping exotic drinks with mouth watering meals and the rich aroma coming from the specially prepared dishes can definitely capture the mind and soul of everyone.

Among all the sports for the elite golf is the favorite and San Lucas now has a 32km long golf course for all the rich and famous people who love to play a comparatively light sport under the warm sun and in a typically mild climate. The pleasant weather, which extends throughout the year, also attracts people from all over the world to relax while sun bathing and swimming alongside the coast.

When traveling to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy a playground of the rich and famous, one should know the right time of the year to visit and also get complete guidance about all the sights and sports to enjoy. Only then can anyone experience this port city as the playground of the rich and famous.

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