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by Mexico Vacation on May 1st, 2011

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los cabos history

Cabo San Lucas is a city in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Famous for its sandy beaches, scuba diving sites and beautiful seaside resorts, this area has become a holiday destination for many families and fishermen. Its blue waters, warm breezes and beautiful beaches attract Mexicans as well as tourists to enjoy the amazing views of the area.

The history of Cabo San Lucas dates back to 1537 when a navigator, Francisco de Ulloa, discovered a natural port, which was later named Cabo San Lucas. This port was a busy trading harbor for merchants and a stop for pirates in the area. The capture of Spanish treasures and their return forced King Philip II of Spain to build a fortress which would restrain the entry of pirates, as well as enemy ships to their port.

The history of Cabo San Lucas developed positively after the fort was built, because then the area was open for discovery and settlements along the Baja began to grow as pearls were discovered in the Sea of Cortez. In 1730, a new town was established in the north, called Jose Del Cabo which, along with Cabo San Lucas, was known as Los Cabos.
Around 1930, the cape of San Lucas was mainly undeveloped because of the lack of water. It had a population of about 400 inhabitants, but was beginning to be well-known as a sports fishing expedition area. After World War II, this port became a playground especially for the rich and famous people of Spain, but the fame of the place spread around quickly enough for it to become famous. The king built an extravagantly marvelous hotel, Las Cruces, on the Eastern Cape, which was followed by further developments around the harbor.

The history of Cabo San Lucas was marked at this time as the most developmental period, when the population reached 900, a highway was constructed which became a route to connect to Central America, the marlin fishing tournaments started and the development of the San Lucas Airport began – which led the way for travel and tourist agencies and international developers to invest money in the area.

Another great spurt of growth started up when a system of pipelines allowed the building of a marina and fresh water to be brought to Cabo San Lucas, after which the area became known for its various sports like fishing, scuba diving and bird watching. Apart from sportsmen, families and groups of friend also visited the area for the beautiful beaches, honeymoon resorts and golf parks.

The history of Cabo San Lucas has reached the point where a number of quality restaurants, shopping areas and an enlightened nightlife can be enjoyed to the fullest. The delightful scenario of the port and its marvelous culture attracts families and tourists to spend their vacations there, to experience a totally new way of living in a developed area with exclusive accommodation which features Mexico’s excellent pluses like never before.

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